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  • Valued Customer 21-Sep-2017
    Customer Experience

    I am not recommend

    Services very bad

    Customer Care 25-Sep-2017

    I am sorry to see this.\n\nCould you please provide more information in order for us to improve our serice.\n\nMany thanks 

  • Valued Customer 21-Sep-2017
    Customer Experience

    Keep it up Adrian and the team

    Adrian Capuozzo and his team provide outstanding services to vendors. Excellent !

    Customer Relations Team 21-Sep-2017

    Thank you for this fantastic review, as always, we are glad to receive excellent feedback about the service we provide to each and every customer. I will pass on your kind words to Adrian and the entire team at Gascoigne Pees in Worcester Park. Best wishes, Sarah

  • Valued Customer 14-Sep-2017
    Customer Experience

    My service feedback with Sales


    Customer Relations Team 14-Sep-2017

    Thank you for your review of Gascoigne Pees in Basingstoke. Kind regards, Scott

  • 13-Sep-2017
    Customer Experience

    As above

    It took a long time for the Godalming office to inform the Guildford office to include our house in their sales efforts as well. That aside, Neil in the Godalming office was and on the ball.

    Customer Relations Team 14-Sep-2017

    Thank you for your kind feedback. I am glad to read that you found Neil helpful and informed but I would like to apologise for any delay you experienced initially. Kind regards, Scott

  • Mark, Epsom 01-Sep-2017
    Customer Experience

    Terrible service

    Overall, Gascoigne Pees Epsom provided some of the worst service I have experienced in my life and I would recommend that everyone stays as far away from them as possible. The communication was generally very bad. The branch manager who was dealing with our sale was rarely available and took several days to return calls, he also often did not know what was happening. We rarely received calls with updates when we requested them and never through their own initiative. Throughout the process we had to continuously chase them for answers and towards the end of the sales process I found myself having to do their jobs for them just to make the deal go through. Internal communication was also very bad, information was not logged so we often had to explain the same situation to several people. Our stress levels tripled at various points throughout the process due to their utter incompetence and we felt that as soon as the offer had been accepted, they knew they were getting their cut and no longer cared about us. So that gives you a general overview on what you can expect from these highly qualified industry professionals, now let’s discuss our sale specifically: We signed up with Gascoigne pees and one other agency. We received an offer of £257k through the other agency and the following day we received a call from Gascoigne Pees saying they had an investor looking to move very quickly with an offer of £258k. We said we would go through the other agency unless the offer was significantly higher, as the other agency provided a far better service, so the investor came back with a higher offer of £262.5k, which we then accepted (big mistake on our part, in hindsight I would have taken £5500 less to avoid Gascoigne Pees). After this everything went silent and for the next 2-3 months we were chasing Gascoigne Pees to get started on the sale and have the buyer arrange their mortgage valuation on our flat. This seemed very strange to us since it was supposedly going to go through very quickly. When we finally got an answer we were told it was taking longer because the buyer was setting up a business mortgage. While we accepted this answer at the time, both of us knew that it does not take 2-3 months to set up a business mortgage, so we thought this was very strange. At this point we then put down an offer on our house and it wasn’t until we were committed to the purchase that things on the sales side miraculously started moving quickly, which we were very grateful for until we received an email from the buyer saying they wanted to drop the price to £258k. By this point it felt like we were being played, but by who? And how? After a lot of back and forth we managed to agree on £261k. So the next step was signing contracts. There we were sitting down with our solicitor, who casually mentioned “you know he used to work for Gascoigne Pees, don’t you”, which certainly answered some questions. We later also found out that one of the other directors of the buyer’s company worked for the other agency we had originally signed with. Those seem like an unusually large amount of coincidences to me. When we got close to the competition date, we were the ones that had to chase them to find out how the keys should be handed over, again it felt like they just didn’t care. Their attitude was unacceptable for any business, especially a service based industry. But let’s not forget about the icing on the cake; my wife was negotiating the initial deal with someone from Gascoigne Pees over the weekend while I was on a business trip. Two days after I came back, the police came to our house to question my wife about her involvement with said employee. So on top of 4 months of dreadful service, gross incompetence and a very suspicious timeline, thanks to Gascoigne Pees I had detectives in my living room questioning my wife about a criminal investigation and I still had to pay £3000 for the privilege. Under no circumstances will we ever deal with Gascoigne Pees again and I would urge anyone who reads this to avoid them like the plague.

    Customer Relations Team 04-Sep-2017

    I am sorry to read that you were unhappy with the service you received but I would like to thank you for taking the time to leave this feedback as your comments will help us identify ways in which we can improve. If you would like to go through the issues you have raised as a formal complaint, please email me at and I will send out our complaint process and investigate your concerns further. Kind regards, Sarah

  • 01-Sep-2017
    Customer Experience

    My service feedback with Sales

    Professional agency that wanted to sell my house and make it happen!

    Customer Relations Team 02-Sep-2017

    Thank you for your wonderful review. It was great to read that you found the service professional and that they were dedicated to making a sale happen for you. If you would like to provide us with further feedback on what the branch team could have done to achieve that elusive 5th star please e-mail us at as we are always looking for ways to improve the service provided. Kind regards, Scott

  • Valued Customer 01-Sep-2017
    Customer Experience

    My service feedback with Sales

    This was a difficult sale mainly due to buyers solicitor but the help and and support I received from Neil and Jamie at the Epsom branch was excellent.


  • 31-Aug-2017
    Customer Experience

    Good service from start to finish

    From the day Gerard (Jed) came to value the house for selling until the day it was sold, the Gascoigne Pees staff we came into contact with worked very hard to sell our house, the staff involved were Jed, Martina and Jim who showed people round the house and talked up its good points and Nic who came to discuss how we could better find a buyer. Our house had many viewings and in the end we had two couples on the same day who both put in offers. All the staff worked really hard and we couldn't have sold our house without them. After a buyer had been found, Andrew worked hard to keep the small chain moving, especially with the solicitor at the bottom of the chain who didn't seem to work as hard as everyone else. We also used Countrywide Conveyancers who were extremely good in keeping us up to date with everything that was happening both with the sale of our house and purchase of a flat in a new area.

    Customer Relations Team 01-Sep-2017

    Thank you for this wonderful 5* review and recommendation about our Gascoigne Pees branch in Basingstoke. It was fantastic to read that the whole branch team were supportive throughout and delivered the level of service we expect as a standard. Your kind comments will be passed onwards to the branch and I would like to wish you all the best in your new property. Kind regards, Scott

  • Valued Customer 31-Aug-2017
    Customer Experience

    Brilliant service!

    Cannot fault the team at Gasgoine Pees, Leatherhead. They made my sale a pleasant and easy transaction and the staff there are great. Thank you

    Customer Relations Team 31-Aug-2017

    Thank you for this amazing 5* review about our Gasgoine Pees, Leatherhead, branch!  Fantastic to read that they made the transaction easy and that the staff were as great as usual. Kind regards, Scott

  • 18-Aug-2017
    Customer Experience

    My service feedback with Sales

    Very good customer service and kept me in the loop the whole way through my sale and purchase. Went the extra mile to assist me and kept me reassured during the stressful process of buying and selling. They were also always available to speak when I needed them.

    Customer Relations Team 19-Aug-2017

    Thank you for your wonderful 5* review for Gascoigne Pees in Haslemere. It was fantastic to read that the branch supported you and kept you reassured throughout this stressful process of buying and selling. Also that they were there to speak to and kept you informed through the process. Kind regards and best wishes in your new home!\nScott.